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Accountability and Guidance are THE Biggest Game Changers For Success...

What is Pain-Free Fitness Monthly Coaching?

  • A custom program, delivered to you weekly via a convenient app
  • Unlimited in-app messaging with me (your coach)
  • A FREE kickoff call wherein we will discuss your goals in depth
  • Accountability, guidance, and empowerment - no matter where you are in your fitness journey
You’ll get a custom program, individual coaching, guidance, and accountability for a fraction of the cost of my typical personal training rates. 

Your Results:
Not only pain relief, but body awareness, strength, mobility, and empowerment. The ability to say, “I can make this work for my body, where my body is today.”

Look forward to 30 days from now. How do you want to feel about your body? 
“I started coming to Mariah after suffering from a back injury. I was struggling with most daily activities and even with physical therapy and chiropractic treatments I was not healing quickly. Mariah provided comprehensive training that targeted my pain but also incorporated other methods and exercises to help me get back to my fitness goals. Well educated in mobility, professional and compassionate. It became a healing experience for me and within a few sessions I was finally back to many of my normal activities and having a huge reduction in pain.” 

-Amanda M. 
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Online Personal Training
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Pain-free fitness coaching
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Who This Program is For

  • Anyone looking to step out of pain and into fitness
  • Anyone who WANTS to get started on their fitness journey but isn't sure how or where to start
  • Anyone who desires to learn about their body and begin building their own personal movement menu

Who This Program is NOT For

  •  Anyone not medically cleared to exercise
  • Anyone who already has a clear and set exercise routine 
  • Anyone training for a competitive sport or looking for performance coaching
  • ​Anyone looking for a coach to hand them a workout program and say "see you later!" 

Why I Do It

I want to share something with you. 

I know you. Because I was - and still am - you. I started experiencing chronic pain when I was 16 years old. I tried to get started on my fitness journey. I did the physical therapy. I tried going to the gym. I saw countless doctors and massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutritionists. 

Yet after ALL of it, my pain persisted, my motivation plummeted, and my “dream” body and lifestyle seemed completely out of the question. 

Until I took the power into my own hands, became a trainer and manual therapist, and created my Pain-Free Fitness program. This program helped me to develop a symbiotic, yet proactive, approach to my fitness. 

My name is Mariah and I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, gym co-founder, speaker, and the creator of Pain-Free Fitness. 

After struggling through my own chronic pain journey and spending a decade as a fitness professional, I created Pain-Free Fitness because I saw that the fitness industry was failing the fitness newbies, and those who suffer from nagging, chronic pain. 

My goal is to provide you with tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I sincerely hope to take this journey with you and help you in any way that I can. 

“Mariah has the ability to take a movement and break it down, so individuals can work on the progressions at their level. No matter what the workout is, she knows how to challenge you with the movements or give alternatives so that even in a group setting, you feel you are getting personalized coaching.”

-Julie P.

What You Need To Know

This program doesn’t work unless you understand that YOU are in control and empowered to create the pain-free, fit body you desire. My primary goal with my clients is to help them to be self-sufficient. I will give you all the building blocks and tools you need succeed, while also empowering you to take control of your results. 

Not Convinced?

For three days per week of personal training at $75 per session, you’re looking at about $900 per month. 

For this special program, I’m offering you access to my exclusive coaching program for only $299 per month. 

That’s weekly workouts, mindset coaching, unlimited in-app messaging, and unbelievable results all for less than a pair of new Nike sneakers. 

You’ll get a custom program, individual coaching, guidance, and accountability for a fraction of the cost of my typical personal training rates. 

About The Coach

Mariah Heller is a fitness industry executive, gym co-founder, author, speaker, and the creator of Pain-Free Fitness.

Mariah started Pain-Free Fitness after spending eight years in the fitness industry and realizing that there were no welcoming solutions for clients with chronic pain, fitness newbies - or really for anyone who didn't "fit in" in the classic gym setting.

Mariah was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at the age of 28, after dealing with debilitating symptoms for the majority of her life. Her mission is to create a health and fitness environment that welcomes and helps people from all walks of life.

Mariah is an online fitness trainer who specializes in clients with chronic pain, and in the general population who are new to fitness and who find themselves unsure where to start. Her goal as a coach is to help make her clients self-sufficient, while also giving them the step-by-step tools they need to reach their goals. 
Mariah is also a manual therapist and the creator of Fitness Fundamentals Flash Cards - a line of flashcards aimed to help make workouts more attainable and safe for all levels. 

She has been featured on several podcasts, and lectures annually at the UC Davis Entrepreneurship academy.
Mariah Heller, CPT, CMT, PPSC
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